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What I Eat in a Day to Stay Lean

As we all know, what we eat is SO important to getting and staying fit. Don’t get me wrong, I deff have a lot of days where I’m like, let’s just order some Postmates. With the kids and our busy schedules, it’s pretty frequent in our house LOL. But when I’m trying to stay lean, the key for me is to plan my meals! It makes it so much easier to stick to specific foods even when I have my craziest of weeks. I love to do this on Sunday nights. 

I’ll cook up the following foods. Once it’s all cooked, I plate them in meal prep glass containers (my fave are these ones). When we’re ready to eat the food, I heat everything up in a pan. I try not to microwave!

This food will be lunch and dinners for us. If the whole family is eating this, it will usually last us till Wednesday. 

My Typical Meal Prep

● Crispy brussels sprouts

● Baked salmon

● Grilled steak

● Baked sweet potatoes

● Broccoli / zucchini or any vegetable mix

● Grilled chicken

● Wild rice

Another big thing is watching what I snack on during the week. I can meal prep all I want but if I’m ruining it by eating shitty snacks all day it kind of defeats the purpose! These are my go-to healthy snacks I eat that are good for me but still totally satisfying! 

My Fave Healthy Snacks

● Greek yogurt

● Low-fat / fat-free cottage cheese. Such a good source of protein!

● Carrots with fat-free ranch

● Thin rice cakes with almond butter or peanut butter with drizzled agave

● Almonds and apricots

● Cucumber salad

● Veggies and hummus

● Hard-boiled eggs

● Low sodium deli turkey with a rice cracker and cheese

One of the biggest things is that I stay away from is sugar! And things that will bloat me. I also drink a ton of water, literally so important!! I save the weekends for my cheat meals then back to it on Monday. 

My Typical Day of Eating


● Two eggs scrambled with cheese

● Multigrain toast with jelly

● Liv body greens and superfood, take my vitamins

● Right after my workout I have a protein shake.

Snack: Low fat cottage cheese with crushed pineapple

Lunch: Meal prep salmon, wild rice brussels sprouts

Dinner: Meal prep steak, sweet potatoes, and broccoli

Sweets: If I have a sweet tooth I’ll eat Greek yogurt with granola and agave or honey

Not every day is perfect but I do my best to stick to this! I love eating healthy since it makes me feel good and nourished, but like I said, sometimes you just need some Chic-Fil-A lol. At the end of the day, just make sure you’re fueling your body with good foods and prioritizing your health as best you can! 

XX Melissa