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The Wedding Dance Tutorial

$199 $100 For 72 Hours ONLY!

Introducing Melissa’s Molinaro’s, “Wedding Dance Tutorial,” choreographed by the incredible Brinn Nicole! 

This isn’t just a tutorial for brides! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance in heels, feel sexy and confident in your own skin or just want to move your body…this tutorial is for you!

Divided into three easy-to-follow parts, you can learn at your own pace and revisit any section as needed. Get ready to move your body, boost your confidence, and dance like never before!

Tutorial Comes with 5 total videos: 

3 easy to follow parts, 1 mid tempo with counts & 1 full performance with music!

what the tutorial comes with:

Wedding Dance Tutorial Section 1

Wedding Dance Tutorial Section 2

Wedding Dance Tutorial Section 3

Mid-tempo With Counts

Full Performance With Music

Watch the viral wedding video performance video!