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The Wedding Dance Tutorial


Dance Like a Star: Let Melissa Molinaro and Brinn Nicole turn you into a dance floor sensation with their iconic wedding routines.

• Step-by-Step: No dance experience? No problem! Our beginner-friendly tutorials make learning a breeze.

• Flexible & Fabulous: Our tutorials are ready whenever you are, making it easy to fit dance lessons into your oh-so-busy schedule.

• Dance & Get Fit: Enjoy the double benefit of preparing for your big day while staying active and healthy.

• Boost Your Confidence: Wedding day or not, this tutorial will help you gain confidence in your movements. Activate diva mode!

• Surprise Everyone: Leave your guests speechless with stunning dance performances that will be remembered for years to come.

Let’s make your first dance unforgettable—fun, professional, and uniquely yours. Start dancing towards your dream wedding today!

what the tutorial comes with:

Wedding Dance Tutorial Section 1

Wedding Dance Tutorial Section 2​

Wedding Dance Tutorial Section 3

Mid-tempo With Counts

Full Performance With Music

Watch the viral wedding video performance video!