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London’s 3rd Birthday Party

I have always loved creating memorable moments in life, especially when it’s for my family or loved ones. It’s either all or nothing with me, so when it’s comes to the kid’s birthday parties, you know it’s going to be GLAM! I love putting together parties, especially for the kids, and planning London’s 3rd birthday party was no exception. If you missed it, I posted a ton of photos and this video from the party on IG and was answering some of your questions in DMs. I decided to put together this blog for all of the deets on London’s birthday and to give you a little behind-the-scenes on the party planning!

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Planning the Party

When planning a party, it all starts with a theme. I asked London what she wanted to do for her birthday and she chose Frozen. I wanted the party to feel like you were stepping right into a frozen fairytale! Once she picked the theme, next we chose the color palette. No more than three colors, we want it to be aesthetically pleasing, obviously! The main color we chose was a pastel light blue with lavender and grey/silver accents. From there, I designed the backdrop, plus ordered all the things that make the party fun and the necessary items! Here’s what I ordered: 

Balloons, cake, ball pit, bounce house, kids table & chairs, dance floor, flowers, tent, bar, alllll the furniture rentals.


Let’s talk food! A themed charcuterie spread is a must! I think it’s so nice having a little something extra for guests to munch on and enjoy their time. I love a sweet and savory moment, so we worked with  @bon_appecheese & @veessweets_ who came up with the cutest Frozen-themed ideas. 

To cut down on mess and to avoid setting up a whole food area, we got a food truck! I live for a food truck moment, you can never go wrong! The food is always hot and delicious, and it’s so much easier for us to plan and for the guests to enjoy.

Party Highlights

The entire party was so much fun, but you can’t have a frozen party without having Elsa, Anna, and Olaf attend your party! This was the absolute highlight of the entire day; seeing London’s face light up as she sang and danced with them was priceless! To continue the good party vibes we had @djestradation on the ones and twos – he was amazing!! I was in love with his Dj setup which was all white everything, my fave! Overall, the entire party was a vibe. London was living her Frozen dreams, the whole family had a blast, and by the looks of it, I think everyone else did too! Till the next one!

XX Melissa