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Kingston’s Nursery

I had so much fun putting together Kingston’s nursery, and I think it turned out beautifully! I’ve talked about everything that went into this room on Youtube, but I wanted to put everything in a blog so you guys can see exactly what I got and my overall vision for the room. The first thing I started out with was creating a mood board. I knew that I wanted the room to be light, airy, clean, and also have masculine elements. I wanted it to feel like a little boy’s room! Knowing the initial style I wanted for the room was super helpful when putting together the mood board. This just gave me an overall direction for everything when I was looking for my pieces. 

The Furniture

First, I started with the crib. The crib is the main focal point of the room so I knew I had to start with this piece of furniture! Narrowing down the style and color of the crib will give you a better sense of the nursery you’re trying to create, and will set the overall vibe of the room. I absolutely fell in love with the Hudson convertible crib by Baby Letto which has a very modern and sleek design, perfect for Kingston’s nursery. I also linked some similar styles to this crib on my LTK!

I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate clouds into Kington’s nursery, so I decided to put wallpaper on the wall behind his crib. I searched for soooo long to find the perfect cloud wallpaper, and even when I found one, I was still on the fence! I just didn’t want to get sick of it, but I think what I ended up choosing was perfect! The cloud wallpaper is from Cole & Sons and I chose the white and grey colors, but it comes in a ton of other color variations as well. To complete the wall, we did this super cute neon sign that says “it was all a dream”. So perfect! The neon sign is from Elitist Custom Neon Lights

The next big focal point in the room is the chair you choose. Whether it be a glider, a rocker, or any other chair, you’re gonna be spending a lot of time here! I knew I wanted to find a chair that was super comfy but also fit the aesthetic, and when I tell you I found the chair of my dreams… I found it!! I went with a cream-colored rocker by Nursery Works, with the most perfect boucle fabric. I had a glider in London’s room so I wanted to try something a little different for Kingston’s nursery and went with the rocker. It’s such a great piece and it has wooden legs to complete that overall masculine vibe that I was going for.

I didn’t want the dresser to be a focal point of the room because I wanted to keep everything light and airy, especially since this was a little bit of a smaller room. I found the perfect dresser from CB2 that is sleek, modern, and totally fits the style I was looking for. Another fun element in the room was the pouf! Every nursery needs a pouf! I started with a jute pouf but decided it wasn’t fitting the vibe of the room, so I went with an ivory pouf to match with rocker. The one I chose was this gorgeous, wool pouf from CB2 that was absolutely perfect. 

There is SO much more in his nursery but those are the main highlight pieces I had to share! If you want to see the rest of the details from the nursery make sure to check out my Youtube video where I go even more in-depth on everything in the nursery and how I picked everything! Plus, shop the entire space on my LTK. Can’t wait to show you what I’m working on next!

XX Melissa