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How to Pack for a Quick Trip


I know how exciting it can be to go on a trip or a big vacation that’s been planned forever. You literally think of all of the fun things you’re going to do, and what cute outfits you’re going to wear. So you go to pack your suitcase and it barely zips, or you almost have to pay the extra oversized charge when you check it at the airport. But let’s be honest… you’re never gonna wear all of those clothes. And it’s true, we NEVER do! 

I used to dread packing, but now I absolutely love packing for short trips, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it! You really don’t need to bring a ton of clothes and I’m giving you the step by step on exactly how to start. 

The Basics

First, begin with the basics. Socks and undergarments for however many days you’re going to be there. You definitely want the right amount! Next, move to your airport look. This is usually a comfy lounge set for me. The key is to make sure your shoes and jacket can also be used with other outfits, so you don’t have to pack them in your suitcase and it frees up more room. 

Also, bring a pair of PJ’s, and for a short trip, you only need one pair!! If it’s a longer trip bring two, but really, you don’t need to bring a ton of pajamas. I love to workout on my trips so I always bring workout clothes with me. For a short trip I only bring one workout set, longer trips I bring two. Another key tip: wear the sneakers you wore for your airport look as your workout sneakers. You don’t need multiple sneakers on a short trip. Save space! 

Break Up Your Outfits

I like to plan out my outfits in advance to avoid over-packing. I know, it can be annoying upfront and easier to just throw random tops and bottoms into your suitcase. But this will save you space and time when you’re on your trip. No one wants to be stressing about what to wear every day on vacation! 

I break up my outfits based on brunch/day looks and evening/dinner looks. It helps to kind of know what you’ll be doing, but if not, transitional outfits are my go-to. Keep it simple, comfortable, and easy, but also bring pieces you feel totally confident in! I usually bring one or two handbags that can go with all of my looks to complete the outfit. 

Just keep it simple and really think to yourself, “Am I actually going to wear this??” If the answer is no, get rid of it girl! Happy travels!


XX Melissa