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How I Style My Hair + My Essential Hair Products

One of the most asked questions I always get is how do I style my hair and how does it have so much volume?! I wrote this last week before seeing my hairstylist Tauni and decided after seeing her I needed to change this entire post because GURL!!!!! I’m about to put you on!!! 

My process of styling my hair was not the healthiest. Which is why I was always on the fence about sharing it with you girls… I was scared of the judgment lol. I have naturally curly/wavy hair that for the most part I always straightened unless I’m on vacation or in a very humid area. Because of the texture of my hair, I’ve never been able to get that really smooth blowout look without applying hot tools to my hair. Even when I get the smoothest of blowouts I still like my hair more when it’s styled with heat. 

Ok… back to my life-changing hair experience. So after Tauni cut and colored my hair she showed me these new beauty devices that actually make your hair healthy the more you use them! I know, sounds crazy right? She used them on my hair and honestly, my hair has never felt better! The devices work by using your own body to bring moisture and shine back to your hair. The moisture from your own body heals the hair and works at a quantum level. Heat protectant products are not even needed while using these devices. After so many years of damaging my hair with the way I styled it, I felt like I was the perfect candidate for something like this. 

How I used to style my hair: 

Rough dry my hair 

Flat iron 

THEN with a 1 inch curling iron curl my hair

I was applying SO much heat and damage to my hair. Now I use the HairBeauron Straight & HairBeauron Curl. They are not causing any damage to the hair when heat is applied, rather they are treating and healing the hair as they are styling. Because this is cutting-edge technology and there is literally nothing on the market like this the brand is very careful about how it is marketed. They might look like your typical flat iron or curling iron but they’re not, which is why they’re not classified as such. Introducing HairBeauron Straight & HairBeauron Curl. My hair routine will forever be changed after coming across Lumielina beauty devices! I can’t even give you girls a link you have to contact them directly  

How to contact them: 

IG: @beautytechdistribution 

Text: +1 (310) 600-7320 


They are pricey but worth every penny! 

My hairstyling tips + how I style my hair now:

Once my hair is completely straight I part it down the center. Most people section their hair bottom to top I do the opposite. Starting with the top piece I use a 1-inch HairBeauron Curl and curl sections of my hair away from my face leaving the ends straight, creating a beach wave look. Once a section is down, I flip to the other side and hold it with a clip. I repeat this step till I get all the way to the bottom of my hair. I spray with Paul Mitchell volumizing spray to hold that side in place while I start the other side. Once that side is down I flip my head upside down spray again and that’s how you get volume hunny!

My ESSENTIAL hair products:

XX Melissa