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My Everyday Routine with the Kids

Even though each day is different, I decided to put together my typical, everyday routine with the kiddos for you guys! It always feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done; with my schedule, Bryan’s schedule, plus everything the kids need, it’s A LOT. But I think we’ve gotten it down (for the most part)! Here’s what each weekday usually looks like for us!


Kingston is normally up by 6:30 am and ugh…I’m not a morning person! London and I are up by 7 am. Before I get the kids, I like to quickly make my bed, wash my face, brush my teeth and put my gym clothes on. I’ve got this down to a science and it usually takes me around 10 minutes.

Since London started school I’ve been getting them ready for their day before we go downstairs and eat breakfast. I get both of them dressed, face washed, teeth brushed, and hair done. We are downstairs by 7:30. I make and feed them breakfast and I also eat my breakfast with the kids. Bryan is at work by 6:30 but he usually comes to say good morning to us while we’re eating. 

Like most kids, Kingston is a picky eater. Breakfast is his best meal of the day so I try to feed him as much as I can in the morning since lunch & dinner are very hit n miss for him! 

Kingston’s breakfast:

● A bowl of oatmeal

● Yogurt

● A banana 

London’s breakfast:

● A bowl of oatmeal 

● Toast

Our nanny is here by 8:30 and she watches Kingston while I take London to school. Her school is literally 5 minutes from our house, sooo convenient! By 8:35 she’s at school. We say our goodbyes and I head to Starbucks!

My trainer, George, is in West Hollywood so I have about a 45 min drive to my gym. I train from 9:30 -10:30 and then I make my way back to the Valley. From 11-12, I’m usually heading to the post office to pick up stuff for MOVE or grabbing something at the grocery store or Target. Mostly just getting done random errands before London is done at school. 


At 12:15, I pick up London and by 12:30 Kingston and London are reunited! They usually like to play a bit before their naps at 1.

Once the kids are down, I make something for lunch. I usually eat something I’ve meal prepped, which keeps it super quick and easy for me. From 1:30ish-4 I dive into work stuff! This seriously changes every day depending on what’s going on, but here’s my typical to-do list for workdays. I’m always doing something from this list or more!

My to-do’s:

● House stuff

● Filming brand deals 

● Creating content for Move

● Shooting for Liv Body 

● Working on new launches

● MOVE SPORT design meetings 

● Casting 

● Fabric sourcing

● Move shoot 

● POWER BOOTY LIVE event planning 

● Packing orders


By 3:30 Kingston is up from naptime and London is up by 4:30. I play with the kids while I get dinner together, which is usually something I’ve already cooked so I just put it together. Keep it super easy! The kids like to eat right at 5 pm; sometimes Bryan and I eat with them, but mostly we get them fed and in the bath by 6 pm. 

Kingston: Bryan gets Kingston in the bath first and then I take him and start his night routine. We read books, sing songs, and dance. He loves music! He is in his crib by 7 pm, we say I love you sweet dreams and this kid is out!

London: London is a different story…. LOL. We read her books, take her to go potty, play hide n seek, play shadow puppets, give her the 7th sip of water, prayers; we’re lucky if she’s down by 8 pm! This girl drags out her night routine more than anyone I know!!! 

By 8, Bryan and I are dead! We look at each other and say you want Chic-Fil-a?! Lol, but for real, it’s like that sometimes. We both shower, eat, and wind down… to do it all again the next day!

A bad habit of mine: I’m a night owl. Raise your hand if you’re guilty of this… Because there are never enough hours in the day I will continue working on things till late. Mom hours, you know, the only time you have to get shit done! BUT I’m really trying to set some boundaries for myself this year and go to bed early. It’s a struggle of mine! 

And that’s our typical routine with the kids! So busy, so crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

XX Melissa